Hi, my name is Carrie Tubbs and I grew up on a farm right outside of a small town called Dorchester, Ne. My educational journey started in Dorchester Public School. My elementary, middle, and high school were all in the same building. I graduated with a class of only 19 students. After high school I went to Midland University to study teaching and received my bachelor’s degree in 1994. After working as a classroom teacher for many years I decided to go back to college and study school counseling. While studying counseling I attended and graduated from UNO with my Master’s Degree. I have worked as a school counselor for 20 years and absolutely LOVE it! I have learned that if students struggle emotionally they will have problems academically. So… my main job is to get into classrooms to teach Social Emotional Skills to ALL students. Along with working with students in the classrooms I also meet with students individually and in groups. My mission as a counselor is to give ALL students the knowledge they need to become an emotionally stable college student! Go NEU! No Excuses!