Allowing me to be your child's teacher this year is a huge responsibility because I am taking part in shaping the life of your child.  I recognize this responsibility and understand that I am only one part of this equation.  My mission is to show every child that they can learn and that an important part of learning, as well as life, is to be flexible and "go with the flow."  It will take me, the student, the parents and school staff to help each child achieve their best.



Welcome Back!

                                imgres.png                         WELCOME 


 I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer.  I am still in room 221 and looking forward to seeing everyone again.


What Mrs. Chaloupka did this summer:

1.  Taught summer school at Field Club

It was fun to spend more time with the students

2.  Went to Missouri with my family

We went to World's of Fun, 

Ocean's of fun and several museums.

3.  Spent time with my kids

They loved going to the zoo, swimming in the pool 

and doing things together.



This year I will be servicing the students in 3rd grade, as well as helping the K, 1, and 2 teachers with anything they may need.

Mrs. Chaloupka, Teacher



Ms. Kangior, paraprofessional

Mrs. Guarnero, paraprofessional