RM. 212

Hello, and welcome to fourth grade! My name is Mrs. Kristi Kerwin, and it is such a pleasure to be part of our outstanding Field Club Community! I have been teaching at Field Club School for 20 years, and I enjoy getting to know so many wonderful students and families. I am available to collaborate with you should the need arise. You may contact me by either calling the school or sending an email to kristi.kerwin@ops.org. Please feel free to contact Patricia Abisset or Esmeralda Diaz at the school if you are more comfortable communicating in Spanish. 


I graduated with a bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) in the fall of 1997 with a specialization in the language arts. In addition, I have recently earned a master's degree from UNO as part of The Reading Career Ladder partnership between UNO and the Omaha Public Schools.

I initially worked as a substitute teacher in the Omaha Public School District from the fall of 1997 to the fall of 1999, at which time I was hired as a regular fourth grade teacher in the district. I have been teaching fourth graders at Field Club Elementary School in room 212 ever since! 


Choose a book that is just right, and read for 20 minutes each day. Use flashcards or games to practice basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. (There are many fun computer games that promote mastery of the basic math facts. I use sheppardsoftware.com frequently and encourage students to use this free website for not only math, but also other content domains.) Practice telling time on an analog "face" clock and understanding the different units of time, money, and measurement.

Mrs. Kerwin, Teacher