Greetings to the Newest Members of the Field Club Family! My name is Mrs. Mehser and I will be your child’s Kindergarten teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. This is my eighth year teaching as a Kindergarten teacher at Field Club. I love teaching, but I specifically love the joy, innocence, and imagination found in a Kindergarten classroom. As your child’s teacher I want you to know that I will keep your child engaged and learning throughout the school day. My philosophy is that learning can and should be fun! There is so much to learn in Kindergarten, and it is so exciting to see how much the children grow in one year. I feel humbled to be a part of that experience for my students and their families. I believe in open and honest communication with the parents of the students I teach. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions or concerns you may have now or in the future. 

If you need to reach me it is best to email me for responses within the day at Also, I am always willing to come in before school or stay late after school to discuss the education of your child. 

You may contact the office for any medical or emergency concerns that need immediate attention at their office number of 531-299-1380.. If your first language is not English I want parents to know that we have amazing staff at Field Club who are always here to help translate any parent concerns to their teachers. Please do not hesitate to email or send notes written in your home language, as I will have them translated and then respond back to you. Our bilingual liaison, Mrs. Patricia Abbiset, is always here to help when you need something translated. She has an office where she is able to take phone calls throughout the school day with any questions or concerns and she will contact me. Call the office to contact her. I wish you peace in knowing that your child will be in a safe and nurturing environment in my classroom and throughout our school as an NEU Field Club Falcon. I look forward to working with you this year! 

Thank you Mrs. Mehser

Mrs. Mehser